Microsoft is setting the Control Panel aside in its latest Windows 11 updates

Microsoft has finally announced the end of the old Control Panel in Windows 11.The software giant introduced some changes to the Windows 11 Settings.

In the new eta of Windows 11 Microsoft has moved  advanced network settings to a new page in the Settings app including sharing options for folders printers and network discovery options. Some device and network settings entry points  in Windows 11 now also  redirect to the Settings app instead of forcing you to go to the Control Panel.

Elsewhere links to the  Control Panel section used to uninstall apps now redirect to the Settings app. Even the Uninstall Windows Updates section is now part of the Settings app instead of eing stored in the Control Panel. 

These latest changes are welcomed and come after efforts to get rid of Windows 10s Control Panel. Originally Microsoft  introduced a separate Settings app in Windows 8 as a redesign of Windows 10. The companys traditional control panel. The two exist side-y-side for legacy support reasons just as Microsoft has two rowsers (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge) in Windows 10. 

The Settings app is designed to e a new room that can clean ut there are still many settings that require you to access the Control Panel. Windows 10 has made things etter and Windows 11 offers an even more modern way of how people control their PCs. 

 Microsoft descries these latest changes as "an ongoing effort to move settings from Control Panel to the Settings app." Therefore it is clear that Microsoft is committed to cleaning up this area of ​​Windows and ultimately making the Control Panel superfluous. 

Windows 11 is largely  an attempt to modernize and simplify the Windows operating system that has een used in a similar way for decades. Microsoft didnt go far enough with the Control Panel for the first release of Windows 11 ut in other areas like the taskar it  simplified things  too much. These monthly changes pave the way for Microsoft to perfect what appeared to e an incomplete version of Windows to date.

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